Shows and stories


PERFORMANCE “The girl and the revolution”, 60 min

“The girl and the revolution” is about the experience of a 12-year-old girl who grows up in a dictatorship and experiences a revolution. It’s about the suffocation of suppression and the taste of freedom. It is a personal memory and a historical document in one. Told with the lightheartedness of a young girl, but with the tangible seriousness of the situation.

Duration approx. 60 min. With musical accompaniment. Keywords: #romania, #revolution, # 1989, #dictatorship, #communism, #ceausescu, #freedom. Premiere at the Delft Fringe Festival in 2019. Language: Dutch, English, Romanian.

This piece is also suitable for secondary schools.


WOMEN HEROES – 8 to 15 min

Women are often hidden away in the history books. Or they have been reduced to footnotes, in the shadow of the men and the prevailing morals of their time. But despite everything, these women have left their mark. I tell their stories.

Hildegard van Bingen, nun and scientist
Ruxandra, the fate of a princess
Woman among men, George Sand
The Story of Maria Montessori
Isadora Duncan’s Dance Revolution
“Freedom Means No Fear”, the story of Nina Simone
Jane Goodall, research pioneer


TRUE STORIES – 5 to 15 min

I dig into my memories of my childhood in Romania, my grandmother’s soup and the long summer vacation. I am taking you to the Netherlands of my teenage years. I will introduce you to my troubles, my adventures and my daughter. My own stories, big or small, funny or serious. No matter how personal my stories are, there are always people who indentify with them.

FOLK TALES – 5 to 15 min

As a storyteller I love to alternate or even merge personal stories with the age-old wisdom of folk tales, myths and legends.

The well-known myths, sagas and people. But with a master’s degree in folk culture and a preference for lesser-known stories, I like to give stories from Eastern and Southern Europe a stage.

WHERE I already performed

Rietveld Theater, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Oerol, New Metropolis, Mezrab, Teatro Mungaga, Rijswijkse Schouburg, Podium Mozaiek, Lijm en Cultuur, OBA Bibliotheek Amsterdam, Walhalla Brouwerij, Theater de Generator, Keramieken Kaart, Disc Storytelling, Stichting Vertellen, Belvedere Rotterdam, Open Monumentendag, Pletterij Haarlem, Molenmuseum, Bibliotheek Deventer