Stories to tell, write and share

“We have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us…” – Joseph Campbell.  Stories open the doors to our soul, they speak the language of our imaginations and our experiences. As a storyteller I love to alternate personal stories with the ancient wisdom of folk tales and legends and true stories about female historical figures.

I enjoy public speaking. I have roots in Romania and wings in the Netherlands. I have been a refugee child and a diplomat’s wife. I grew up in a dictatorship, I know what it is like to live between two cultures and know the difference between adapting and integrating authentically. My lectures are about change, resilience and belonging.

A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world” – Susan Sontag. I have a box in the attic full of my diaries from the past. I’ve been writing all my life. And I still enjoy writing and sharing my stories in my publications. I take interviews and turn them into beautiful portraits.  I write background stories in which I love to highlight different sides and perspectives. I love to create an intimate, touching atmosphere. My interest is mainly in human interest, art and culture.

The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as ‘silent‘” – Alfred Brendell. Growing up I used to listen to stories on records and loved it. Now I really enjoy listening to podcasts; it soothes and inspires me at the same time. Because I love telling and listening to stories, I am putting my creativity and sharing what intrests me in my own podcasts.


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