my own fairytale


“A fost odata…”.

That’s how “once upon a time” sounds in Romanian. Growing up, I loved hearing stories from my grandparents about the olden times. I played records with folktales on and on my library pass I devoured storybooks from all corners of the world.

After leaving Romania as a young girl I moved to the Netherlands. Diving into litterature, history books and mythology helped me make sense of my new surroundings and shape my reality.

“…the journey…”


I studied languages, anthropology and folk culture. And yet, for many years I didn’t listen to my inner voice where stories were always my source and guide. Until one day, when I was absolutely mesmerised hearing a storyteller tell a personal, yet magical story. His opening scene transported me to another world I could almost see, feel and smell. I felt so connected and alive. That was the moment that I knew I had to do something with storytelling. 

“…Happy ending?!”

I embraced the wonderful world of storytelling. In 2018 I initiated and curated “Tell me more” storytelling evenings in Leiden to challange myself and gain more experience. In 2019 I graduated as a professional storyteller at Mezrab Storytrelling School in Amsterdam  Immediately after that I made my debut at the Delft Fringe Festival with my own personal performance “The girl and the revolution”.  

As a storyteller, the themes with which I connect to the most are nature, history, women’s (untold) stories and belonging. I use stories for connection, for healing, to bring back that childhood wonder I experienced in the storybooks I loved.


In short

I studied at the UvA and I have a MA in folk culture. I have a specialization as a multicultural coach at the ACC and I have completed a training as a professional storyteller at the Mezrab Storytelling School in Amsterdam.